Mum I remember…

I remember when I was small, Mum,
and not exactly a lady,
sitting on your lap with Mike,
as you told us a bedtime story.

I remember a time,
before Dad put in the central heating,
you toasting bread as a treat,photo 2 (5)
over the fire in the kitchen.

I remember coming home from school
to find you always there.
Lunch on the table,
buns, cakes or brown bread baking in the oven.

I remember your goodnight kisses each night,
often in vain,
as many nights you had to return,
with a threatening shout of ‘Go to sleep’.

I remember that wonderful Christmas,
when you made clothes for my tiny tears,
and the many mornings you woke before five am,
to drive me to the pool.

I remember our rows as I grew up,photo 3 (2)
bolshy, cranky and willful,
impossible to please
during my door slamming phase.

I remember Dad’s illness
and your strength, courage and guidance
as we laughed our way through hell,
with you at the helm.

I remember the day I became a mother,
and as I struggled through tiredness,
and worried through teenagers,
I understood all that you had sacrificed.

I remember a time when I was weakened and low,
life became hard and
for a time I struggled,photo 1 (6)
before your DNA kicked in.

I remember so many memories Mum,
over so many years,
The love, fun, laughter, and tears
of family life in 108.

Today it is Mother’s Day,
and I hope
you’ll forgive me for featuring you in my blog,
For today Mum, it is with pleasure I remember you.


Happy Mothers day to my Mum in a million. xxxx

22 thoughts on “Mum I remember…

    1. Thanks Beth. It’s hard to really find words to do her justice. She’s a real lady. Don’t know where she got me. πŸ™‚

  1. How nice it is to remember. I recently wrote a poem about (to)my father who passed away some years back. I thought to myself, I should write one for my mother now in her 90s. But I think we find it easier to pay tribute to those who have passed away.

    1. I know what you mean, but I’ve written a couple of posts to my mum and they’ve been much easier than I’d have thought to write. Mind you she’ll probably not be too impressed with me for ‘putting her in my blog’.

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