A Child’s Irish Holiday ~ Guest Post by @trickearney

Fellow blogger Baub Taub is away on holidays and asked various bloggers if they wished to guest post sharing a holiday/vacation memory. I thought you might enjoy reading my contribution.
If you’ve never visited this blog it’s well worth checking out. Great variety and always interesting.

Barb Taub

While Barb’s away…

Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Tric and I’m an Irish blogger, mother and ‘would love to be’ writer. Barb Taub has left you to holiday once more in India, inviting me today to try to console you in her absence. I’m not sure I’m up to the job but I’m more than happy to try. So as you all imagine how wonderful it must be to travel to India, let me try to seduce you with my tale of holidaying in Ireland as a child.

A Child’s Irish Holiday

–Guest post by Tric Kearney

I grew up in Dublin the second youngest of five children. Our grandparents on both sides lived almost 200km away in very rural Co Donegal and we traveled to visit them regularly. However it was not always an easy journey.

Our journey would start early morning with tears, shouts and threats, before…

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4 thoughts on “A Child’s Irish Holiday ~ Guest Post by @trickearney

  1. I love this Tric! A beautiful piece of writing and I hope will inspire others to create that kind of time for their children. Perhaps I’ll have the chance with my grandchildren someday!

  2. Your childhood holiday sounds like heaven on earth! I can only imagine the beauty, peace and calm you experienced there..in spite of border patrol and the drive to and then from. I can so relate to THAT part of your trip!

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