How well do you know me?

Today I’d a moral dilemma, well maybe more of a ‘feck what will I do’ moment?  So for a bit of fun I thought I’d test you to see how well do you know me?

You may remember that yer man I’m married to is mad into Gaelic football and that the team he

photo Howard Crowdy
photo Howard Crowdy

is involved with (yes that correctly sounds like they are having an affair) won the county final. Following their win they partied for weeks, before eventually returning to play some more football and would you believe it they made it to the Munster final. This really is the stuff of dreams for them and I being a great wife and good actress, made all the right ‘wow’ noises. So today was the big day, Munster Final Day, and we were off on an hour and a half journey to Killarney to watch the big match.

Or were we? Here lies the test.

The problem was the weather today was shocking; freezing cold, lashing rain and high winds. Himself went off hours early with the team, leaving myself and my fellow non GAA children looking out at the teeming rain in despair. Had we even enough clothes in our wardrobes to watch a football match in this weather? We sighed, we moaned, we squealed as we listened to the rain lash against the windows, but we knew it was a big day for himself. Oh dear what to do?

Results will be posted on Monday. So far, after a number of hours… almost all wrong.

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc
Photo credit: Howard Crowdy.

21 thoughts on “How well do you know me?

  1. I voted ‘Other’. I regularly don’t go to watch my husband running! If it were me, on a day like you described, I’d let the kids hog the TV while I did something I wanted to do – like write. Each to their own, I say. 🙂

  2. You went to the match! You brought a hip-flask of Tesco’s strongest wine with you…but you went to the match. 🙂

  3. I’m guessing you were a real trooper and watched the game despite the rain. (I hope I’ve guessed correctly. I really want to win the vacation for four to Disneyworld.) 🙂

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