Tomorrow, I love you tomorrow.

As the days and weeks are passing through November I’ve found myself to be a little bit whiney and not exactly full of blogging mojo. Next week is Danny’s two year anniversary and I’m hoping come December I’ll be full of inspiration and ready to entertain you all once more, with my wit and storytelling.

However just because I’m a bit of a misery doesn’t mean life is not going well for me. In fact a great few weeks lie ahead beginning tomorrow. Tomorrow I am leaving my husband…. pause for dramatic effect… and my children. I’m even leaving my dog, to go away for the night to a book launch. To say I’m looking forward to it is an understatement.

The book I’m going to help launch (by help, I mean toast it with a glass of wine or two) was written by an Irish author named Carmel Harrington. It’s her third book and it’s called, Every time a bell rings. Carmel has been so good to me, accepting me into a small writing facebook group called Imagine, Write, Inspire. There I have had a chance to write challenges, read the writing of others within the group and gain enough confidence to submit some of my writing to competitions. I’ve even begun the opening chapter of what may be my first book!carmels book

During my near death experience the other week I recuperated by reading Carmel’s book. I’m not normally one for romance and feel good stories but so close to death, and having enjoyed Carmels previous book ‘Beyond grace’s rainbow’, I was only too happy to request the lap top be delivered to my death bed. I read it in one day and it went perfectly with my delicate condition. It’s a feel good story with joy, heartache and romance within it’s pages. As you might have twigged it’s inspired by that most magical of Christmas stories, ‘It’s a wonderful life’ and is perfectly timed for it’s Christmas launch. I know you may say I’m bias and yes you are right, but having admitted that, I would honestly have no problem recommending this to the majority of my friends as I know they’d enjoy it.

So tomorrow at 5 pm I will be celebrating Carmels wonderful achievement. Only once before did I attend a writing event and it fueled me for weeks. To be surrounded by others who share your interest in writing and to sit among those who have not only written a book but got an agent and brought that book to publication is inspiring.

As if getting away from family for a night and enjoying a writing event is not enough I am also going to meet, in person, three fellow writers I have met online. Two of us are even going to share a room.

Try not to be too jealous and hopefully I’ll be back to blogging greatness soon.


Just a quick disclosure. Carmel is not aware I’ve read her book or written this post featuring it, nor did she or anyone else ask me to.

If you fancy downloading it you can do so here, or have a  look in your local bookshop as it’s also available as a real book. Might even be a handy Christmas present?


10 thoughts on “Tomorrow, I love you tomorrow.

  1. I hope your friend’s book launch went well! It’s an exciting thing to be involved in. From what you were saying about being inspired, in a year or so, there may be a post on your friend’s blog about attending your book launch. Now wouldn’t that be exciting! 🙂

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