Is it Summer yet?

If you lived in Ireland you would understand why for the first time in years I legged it to the airport ten days ago, leaving skid marks behind me in search of sunshine. It’s been a Summer in name only here, with cold weather, grey skies and rain on a daily basis.

Thankfully the holiday wasΒ everything I could have wished it to be. I am safely home, relaxed, bronzed and freezing!

So here is just a quick ‘howareye’ post (a friendly Irish expression meaning ‘hi’), letting you know I’m back, and filling you in on the holiday craic.

Every day happenings…
At the pool, (may have been said by myself)

Wow it’s warm today.
2min later, ‘Jesus I’m roasting’…
1min later, ‘Ah for fecks sake I’m melting’…
Seconds later, ‘Right I’m getting into the pool for a quick dip’.
40 min later I emerge, ‘Ah it’s lovely today, definitely not as hot as yesterday’.
2 min later, ‘Jesus I’m roasting’…

Observations made as I look around the pool…

There are more stories among the different families around this pool, than in our local library.

On seeing my OH stretched out ‘sunbathing’.
Is is possible for him to look more Irish?

Factor 50 doesn’t always work.

This is the life, sitting here reading my third book in a week.

Regular musings away from the pool.
Wow look at that blue sky! (Repeated every five minutes in wonder)

I miss my daughter. (She went on her own holiday and didn’t miss us)

As my OH walks in the heat to get fresh rolls and groceries daily, I pat myself on the back for chosing so well so long ago.

My youngest infects us all with happiness.

Mayer appt. Portugal
Mayer appt. Portugal

Each evening…
Where will we eat? (Repeat for an hour as we wander the streets)

‘I don’t miss the internet’…
‘Isn’t there great peace without the internet?’…
Excuse me is there free internet here?

Each night…

I am a peaceful person, usually easygoing and laid back… until I play cards and lose!

For God’s sake what is the story with these portugese double beds? Who ever thought a double bed was two singles pushed together with separate bedding tucked in tightly?

Final morning…
What time is the taxi coming?
We wait for a half hour at the side of the road.
What time is the taxi coming?
Frantic calls… It’s on it’s way.
Twenty minutes later, What time is the taxi coming?
More frantic calls…five more minutes.
One hour and ten minutes later…
‘Sorry taxi broke down’ he tells us when he arrives.
‘Oh no problem at all’ we gush, ‘thank you for coming’.

So there you have it, we made it on time to the airport and are safely back home, relaxed with many wonderful memories. I am grateful to have had another family holiday with my growing children. This year we were lucky to have three out of four with us, but I know that, regretably for us, a holiday as a family of six may be a thing of the past.

Sigh. It was good while it lasted.

32 thoughts on “Is it Summer yet?

    1. Well if I was freezing the other day, I’m worse today. I even pondered putting the heat on this evening!
      Thanks, holidays are wonderful.

    1. Thanks. I can’t believe you are not having a wonderful summer. I like to imagine the US as one small country like Ireland, and always having warm summers. Good to know we are not alone.

    1. Thanks Deb. Oh I’m even more wise now after my rest. How are you doing? Can you put up a link to your blog here as your gravitar doesn’t link to it and I find it really hard to find you. Are you back posting? I’ll have to sign up to you using email, There’ll be no getting away from me then. πŸ™‚

        1. Your link worked perfectly. If I want to read your posts you have no ‘sign up via email’ on your site so I have to find you in my reader, but I’ve loads of blogs there and I keep missing you.
          I called over yesterday but hadn’t time to comment so I’ll be back again shortly.

  1. And here in Oregon our summer has been roasting with more days above 85 degrees in the past month than we get the entire year! We’ve hit 100 degrees several times in the past month. No end in sight, either! Crazy weather!

    I’m glad you had your holiday! It sounds wonderful!

    1. Oh you see here is where I am a disaster as I whinge about the lack of sun, but I can’t cope at all with too much. A little would be good though.
      I think I’d pass out in those temperatures. πŸ™‚

  2. Right now I’d love to be roasting. This weather is an absolute joke. People living in Dublin are actually luckier as the weather isn’t as bad as it is in the west here. Remind me again why I moved here? Lol

    1. My mum lives in Dublin and every day it seems to be better than here in Cork. Having said that the west and north… yikes, good luck.
      Best wishes with your new move. I hope it’s everything you could wish for.

    1. Florida. How wonderful. Not many grey days for you so.
      I agree there is nowhere better than water on a hot day. Deligted to see you call by.

  3. Glad you had such a lovely time in the sun! I am grateful for all the sunny days we’ve had here lately, certainly easier to feel joy when the sun’s shining… What a blessing to have (most of) your kids wanting/willing to come with you still for a family vacation!

    1. Ah Lucia you have no idea the envy I have some days when I look at the beautiful place where you live,
      I am indeed blessed, for even though I may give out and whine on occasions, knowing your loss and that of my friends I know how lucky I am.

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