What it feels like every time I post.

Would you like to read one of my most popular blog posts here on wordpress? It received seventy five likes in a few hours, at a time when I had only a handful of followers and even less readers. I wrote it in a moment but it seemed to resonate with many. I was new to blogging at the time, but obviously knew enough to put a picture of a cute kitten on it to lure people in. Since then I have had posts which got a much larger number of views or likes, but this was the first and I still enjoy reading it.

Hello, I’ve posted, anyone out there?

I finish typing and re read my post.
“Wow this one is, if I may say it, Good!”.
I press publish.
Big smile.
Dare I hope “freshly pressed material?”.

Moments later.

Hello? I’ve posted,peeping cat
Anyone out there?
I have quite a few followers.
Hello, where are you?

Its been ten minutes.
No star.
Oh dear God I forgot to check,
have I over tagged?
Am I not available on freshly pressed topics?

Oh no. Worse again. I have tagged correctly.
What is the problem?
What time is it?
Maybe everyone is busy.
What time is it in America?
Or India?

“Feck”, they are not asleep.
Maybe it is a special holiday,
or the day after a holiday?
(Here in Ireland we understand,
what it is like to wake up the day after a holiday!)

Nope not a holiday.
Time is marching on.
No star.
No comment.
No follower ( not even someone promoting their blog!)

Quickly re check stats.
Heart sinks.
People have read it.
No one “likes” it.

I re read my awesome post.
Somehow it doesn’t seem so clever now.
In fact it is really bad.
What a rubbish post.
An embarrassment.
What was I thinking?

Young man having trouble studying, on white background
Young man having trouble studying, on white background

I close the laptop,
and try to carry on with normal life.
Thoughts such as walking away from blogging,
never writing again,
or quickly posting something better,
spring to mind.

I avoid my blog for another half hour.
Then, unable to resist,
I check in for a hypothetical two minutes.
I don’t even sit down,
in order to prove to myself, I am uninterested,
and not heartbroken by my followers lack of love.

Then I see it.
A star.
With a comment, “I liked your post etc”.
My heart lifts.
I smile.
Somebody “likes” me.
I knew it was a good post all along.
I am a great writer.
I hum to myself,
and bask in the glory of my own genius.

photo credit: miguelavg via photopin cc
photo credit: fazen via photopin cc


****If anyone would like to link their most successful post, or a post they are most proud of please feel free to do so in the comments, I’d love to read them as I’m sure would others.

37 thoughts on “What it feels like every time I post.

    1. Thank you. Yes it is so strange what others see in our posts which we disregarded. Thanks so much for your link, that is a really well written and I could so identify with it.
      I hope you follow your dreams.

  1. Fun to read again! I think you have captured how we all feel after hitting publish. Then when you see there was someone who read it and don’t star it, or comment, the panic sets in that the post is awful and maybe should be deleted. We may be different and from different countries, but we are more alike than we realize! Love reading your work, Tric!

  2. I found this post sweet and endearing, and your writing is exceptionally captivating. However I could not relate so much to this as my blogging experience has been very different! I started out not expecting anybody to read any of my posts, just writing to express my feelings about life and people, and when I did receive a like or a comment I used to get very embarrassed and delete my post immediately. I guess I was very naive, and used this website more like an online diary more than anything. Now however I have learnt how to interact more with other online bloggers, and have learnt that this blogging business is highly enjoyable and teaches one lots of lessons in life and humanity. 🙂

  3. Tric, this is the first post I’ve seen of yours in over a month – about May when my PC crashed. I’m going to check my spam folder.

    1. Oh dear Jackie, but spam or trash is probably a good place for me. 🙂 I follow you on FB so have seen you around and wasn’t overly conscious of you missing from here until you said it. The mystery of wordpress. I know I’ve ‘unfollowed’ a few people without ever unfollowing them

      1. You haven’t seen me in over a month. My old PC died a horrible death and now, since I was not able to do my work, I am so far behind and have not posted anything.

        I hear you! WordPress has done the same thing to me as well. I changed my URL to “Parent Rap” dot org and support said everything would be moved to the new name – and support was wrong it didn’t.

  4. You nailed that hesitant confidence and watchful hope that what we have to say is valid and the sense of validation simple acknowledgement gives us. Loved the humorous touch!!!

    1. How lovely to go back to your blog and read your beautiful words. It’s been so long. I have read that post a number of times and loved it, I cannot imagine why I didn’t comment. Your love for Elizabeth blue always shines in your writing of her. I’ll give a moment to herself and young Daniel today. xx

    1. Stats are mad. I look at them but they rarely do anything exciting. I blog for me, and the interactions happy to never be someone who will be a mega blogger. I read that post, Yeuk is all I can say. Did it help you conquer your fears?

      1. No, it made them worse. I don’t know where these fears came from either, I used to play with Daddy Longleg Spiders when I was little. I thought they were fun.

  5. keep saying must put up more blogs but am way too busy for it but when see others that follow think how simple it and then when turn off laptop forget about it till see and read blog. right now what going on in head is not worth reading so fair play to putting it up how you feel about when put up post as feel that mine wont be read and am ok with that at the moment

  6. Did you find my mind laying around somewhere and discover exactly how i feel whenever I post lol what are we like eh 🙂 xx

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