So many kinds of love

We all have different ways in which we parent. Today I was at a swim gala with over forty very young novice swimmers.All had parents with them and many also had siblings. There was much cheering and excitement. Looking around me I was struck by one thing.

The many different ways we love our children.

There were parents there who dried their children after each swim, and helped them into their T-shirt, while others threw down a T-shirt as their child barely looked at them.

There were parents who sat beside their little one, and kissed them good luck before each event, and others who watched as their little one headed off never announcing they were leaving.

There were parents who opened snacks for their little ones and ensured they were hydrated, and others with swimmers who ate cakes aplenty without checking with a parent if they credit: C-Serpents via photopin cc

As I watched the many different styles I looked a little closer, and saw how much those different parents shared.

The way they watched their little ones line up, eyes glued to them in case there were any last minute nerves.
Their relief when their little one successfully entered the water, some via a dive, others a splash.
Their roars for their little one, regardless of whether they were coming first or last.
Their faces beaming with pride as their little one finished and bounded out in search of their love.

So many different ways of loving, but all loving.

photo credit: C-Serpents via photopin cc

photo credit: Petra Senders via photopin cc

13 thoughts on “So many kinds of love

    1. Yes it can, but as they say “the truth is in the pudding” and yesterday there were a lot of happy children, the result of different, but great parenting.

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