Have you had the conversation?

Tonight I have no words. It’s all in the video.
If you watch it you will see those who have lived, because of organ donors, and you will see the pictures and families of those who gave the ultimate gift to save a life.

Unintentional Hero is a beautiful song, written by Pa Curran to honour his friend Taidhg Burke Neff, but this video makes that song even more poignant and powerful.
Among those families featured, is our own local unintentional hero, six year old Ben.

The song can be ordered from itunes here for just 99c.

Please have the conversation. Organ donation saves lives. Tell someone today if you wish to be an organ donor.

13 thoughts on “Have you had the conversation?

    1. Thanks Jackie, and this video meant so much to the families of those who have lost loved ones. It was a way of keeping their memory alive.

    1. Yes it’s a bit of an obsession for me now, as I know Bens family and the hell they have entered.
      This means a lot to me, to the point of boring my readers, as I know how important it is to the families involved.
      If I can help them in some small way I’d be delighted.
      Thanks for sticking with me!

  1. wonderful. we have a program here where you can check off on your driver’s license if you want to be a donor. it is quite widely publicized and an easy process for anyone getting a license. it is a final legacy to the world. )

    1. We have that here too, but many don’t tick it. Also if they haven’t discussed it with their family the family can say no.
      I think all we can hope from this is that the families get the credit they deserve and it raises awareness of organ donation.

  2. Feeling emotional. Getting a donor card is on my “to do” list. Seeing people crying in the corridor the day Papounet died was a blatant reminder of how cruel death is. A donor couldn’t have saved him, but becoming a donor could help another family avoid going through that pain.

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