Home sweet home.

I’m spending  a night away from my busy life.  It’s like suspending reality. I get to  forget that there are children to be collected, or meals to be cooked.  Tonight I am just me, not a wife or a mother, just tric.

I am visiting home, my childhood home. Today I got to spend the whole day, with my mom and some of my family.  It has been perfect. We didn’t lunch in a fancy restaurant, or go out and about, instead we ate the nicest lunch I could have wished for and sat chatting at length in my moms kitchen for the rest of the day.

Earlier today I read an article in the newspaper. It was written by a food blogger who writes the blog Wholesome Ireland. What she wrote really struck a chord with me. Her article stated that we don’t need celebrity chefs to teach us to cook, we learn as we grow, from our mothers and peers.

My mother is a wonderful cook. She loves to try new recipes and as an octogenarian, is not afraid to try new things.  For today’s lunch we enjoyed a salmon and leek pie, with a variety of  salads it was deliarticlesAs I sat savouring every morsel I was reminded of Caitriona’s article.  Two of my children have gone away to college, and both can confidently cook. If I were to take the  article on board  that would mean I did my job well.  However as I listened to my mom enthuse over her pie, and lament the fact that the tasty home made apple pie was not as good as last weeks, I wondered why it was that I do  not enjoy cooking?  From my earliest years I can remember my mother cooking and baking, and I often baked along side her. Happy memories of happy times. Yet today cooking for me is a chore.

However that article  has given me fresh hope. I have decided that my mother did her job well, too well. How could I ever live up to those standards?  My hope now is that I have done my job badly, so there are no high standards to live up to. I am hoping that in years to come my children will discover their grandmothers passion for cooking, and they can continue to feed me when visiting them to the same standard I’ m used to when visiting my mom.

So tomorrow when I return to my busy life I won’t be too upset if they don’t like  what I produce for dinner. Instead I will see it as an investment in their  future.  How great a mom am I?

**** I would have posted a link to the newspaper article but I  am trying to post this on my mothers iPad (yes her iPad!)  and it has taken me forever. So apologies!

14 thoughts on “Home sweet home.

  1. It sounds like you did have a great day with your family.
    I did also learn my kids to cook, but I do like to create the food from bottom myself.
    They are great in the kitchen too.

  2. I used to enjoy cooking. Of my 2 children one enjoys cooking. One does not. But the one who does not married a man who loves to cook and does it exceptionally well. So I’m covered with both children. 🙂

    And personally I think you are a brilliant and great mom preparing your kids for their future with you. 🙂 You’re a giver Tric!

  3. how fun tric and just enjoy being taken care of for a bit instead of taking care of everyone else. love your approach to how you are helping your children with your cooking legacy ) enjoy every minute –

  4. I am told I am a good cook, but I absolutely positively dislike to cook! I love the saying “I only have a kitchen because it came with the house”. I would be happy with simple food and not have to cook at all. Eating out would work just fine for me and with the price of food at the grocery, it might be cheaper! So glad you got to visit with your iPad savy mom! I’m impressed!

    1. Thank you. Back home again, but it was a lovely short break. My mum is something else with her ipad. She loves it. I love that saying about the kitchen. Definitely robbing it!

  5. Interesting, tric. For me it was the opposite…although my mother loved to cook, she did not really teach me. She preferred to reign in the kitchen without assistance. Somehow I learned to cook and I love it. To me, it is another place to be creative…or so I try. In the end, if they nod their heads at the dinner table in silence…..it’s all good! 🙂

  6. Roll in the familiar, girl. I love those rare moments snatched in the world of those who don’t have to think about anyone but themselves. I wouldn’t like to be that way permanently and am always happy to get back to my life, but yapping in the kitchen and eating my Mum’s fab food is the real Macoy.

  7. you remember that Carla Lane sitcom called ‘Butterflies’ that used to shown on TV some years ago?

    the main character shared the house with her husband and two sons, all of whom did their best to avoid eating any food she prepared because she was a rotten cook

    not sure why that popped into my head when I read this post about your culinary skills 😆

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