An interview with my youngest daughter.

In response to the Daily Prompt FAQ
I decided to “interview” my youngest.
Here is the result of my interrogation.

What age are you?
I’m eleven.

What age would you like to be, and why?
I guess I’d like to be one year old. Because then I could remember what it was like to be tiny.

Where do you live?
Cork, Ireland.

Where would you like to live. and why?
Dublin. Ireland. So I could be closer to my cousins.

What do you like about school?
I like my friends, and that’s about it!

You have dyslexia, Is there anything good about it?
Yes definitely. I get away with things, like not having spellings all right in a test,
or not understanding everything in a book. The teachers are kind and you know more teachers, because you go out of class for extra reading.

What is the hardest thing about having dyslexia?
Probably when people are saying “I love this, it’s so easy”,
but I don’t know what they are talking about because it’s too hard to read and I don’t understand.
But I do pretend I know it and I agree how easy it is!

Would you prefer not to have it?
No, because you are who you are. This is me.

What is the earliest thing you remember in your past?
I remember being in a cot with no pillow. You came in and asked would I like one.
Then you said “shush, we’ll rob your sisters for you”.

What is your favourite memory?
My uncle and I were having a “balancing” challenge on a tiny wall.
He was very very bad at it. He went into the house and took out the sweeping brush.
He got up on the wall and held the brush to “balance” himself. Then he fell over and broke the broom.
He then hid it so my grandmother didn’t know.

What age are you a grown up?
Thirty. Because in your twenties you are still doing lots of new things,
but at thirty you have most of those things done.

If you could what older age would you most like to be and why.
I’d like to be twelve. Because I want to watch all movies that are for aged 12.

What is the saddest day you remember?
The day I heard my friends little brother died.

What is the happiest thing that ever happened to you.
Getting my dog Cici. I love her.

What is your greatest achievement?
Making nearly €400 for leukemia in a car boot sale.

Who do you prefer mom or dad…Joke!

What do you think a blog is?
Something my mum goes on 24/7

Would you like to blog when you grow up?
I would because it seems to entertain my mum for the whole day.

If you were to write a blog today what would you write about?
My reunion with my nintendo after it was in the repair shop for three weeks.

What would you say about me to the people who read my blog?
I was only joking my mom doesn’t really spend the whole day on her blog,
she does lots of other things too.

Well thank you little miss. When you grow up and you’re rich and famous this will be worth a fortune.
Now bedtime!

34 thoughts on “An interview with my youngest daughter.

    1. Thanks. I was quite surprised how mature she was on some questions and what a lovely young child she was on others. I also loved her take on my blogging.

  1. that’s a great story about the balancing game that went wrong

    especially liked him hiding the broken broom so his mother wouldn’t find out

    what a great way to ‘connect’ with your daughter – a grown up, and yet at the same time, a child, like her trying to avoid a telling off from his mother 😆

    1. She giggled so hard that day. She is his godchild and they have a lovely connection. He has no children of his own but is gifted when it comes to them.

  2. i love this tric. my highlights were her answer about being who she really is – including being dyslexic, the story about the pillow snatching, and the saddest day. wonderful

  3. It’s amazing the things our children remember from earlier in their childhood, and how mature they can be. It certainly sounds like the young lady is well balanced and has had a great childhood so far… well done, those parents. PS. Tell her that there’s no age for growing up, and it’s not obligatory. 🙂

    1. I love the “it’s not obligatory”. I totally agree. I was most surprised how grown up she came across. Children certainly do surprise you!

    1. Thanks Lucia Maya, if only you knew me! She is a great little lady, and the only member of my family who allows me blog about her. 🙂

  4. I’m only getting to read this now, it’s brilliant, what a smart girl! I love that she wants to be twelve so that she can watch movies for 12+. Nothing much has changed in the last three decades really!

    1. Thanks. I thought it was a funny response too, as she has only to wait until Feb, and I know she has sneakily watched these movies with her sisters. It did remind me of how much I used to think by hitting the next age I’d be way more grown up.
      Mind you I was a bit scared asking her some of the questions for fear of what she might say.

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