Only People Who Never Had Children Have The Perfect Child.

My thoughts on a page.

Most of us when we are childless imagine the perfect child we will rear.


We see children screaming and crying… We wont have one of them.

We visit friends who tell us that their children dislike most foods….
Definitely not having one of them. Our children will eat everything as they will not be given choices.

We see children everywhere eating sweets and enjoying fizzy drinks….
Tut tut, have their parents no sense at all ?

As for allowing them to watch too much television….Only limited time spent watching educational programmes will be allowed.

Computers and nintendo’s  will not be necessary…
Our children will enjoy reading!

We have the baby. Reality bites!

Our baby cries! It cries a lot.
It cries even if it is dry, fed, winded, warm and rocked.
It cries for hours.


Food issues also loom very early.

Before the baby was born we knew breast was…

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7 thoughts on “Only People Who Never Had Children Have The Perfect Child.

  1. Lol I was one of “those” parents as well who wasn’t going to have one of “those” babies. If you have read any of my blog, I also folded under the pressure and have become “that” parent.

    1. I have only recently found your blog and it is plain to see, you are now a “real” parent. Glad to see you visit. 🙂

      1. 🙂 it’s refreshing to know that there are others out there like us isn’t there? And comforting to know when family services comes to lock me up, I won’t be alone 🙂

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