Bird’s Nest

I hope you all take some time out to read this magnificent piece. It was written by a very talented young girl of twenty, about leaving Tucson. Just over two years later she died from cancer. The writing in this is extraordinary, but it is all the more poignant reading it when we know Elizabeth is no longer with us. Her mom has a beautiful blog celebrating and remembering her very talented daughter.

Luminous Blue

This was written by Elizabeth in June, 2010, 17 months before she was diagnosed with lymphoma.  She was preparing to leave Tucson for Seattle.  She did not consciously know she would die just over 2 years later, though some part of her clearly did.

The image is the artwork on which she based the tattoo on the back of her right thigh.  She loved this tattoo and was only able to get the outline completed before she was diagnosed.  Once she started chemo in November of 2011, she was advised to wait until chemo was completed to have the color done, and the tattoo was never finished.

Elizabeth Blue's Bird's Nest

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9 thoughts on “Bird’s Nest

    1. Thanks a million. I will of course accept it. I am not sure when exactly but I am delighted to be thought of by you. Thanks again

      1. You are most welcome tric. Needless to say that I do enjoy reading your posts, and even though I cannot pinpoint exactly, there is something magical about your posts that draws me to your blog all the time….maybe it’s your natural writing style, or the interesting topics that you select, your creativity is always noticeable and notable in every post. Thanks, and please continue to keep up the good work.

  1. Tric – thank you so much for reblogging this, my daughter’s poem! It’s lead to connecting with so many wonderful new readers, and I’m most grateful! Lucia

    1. You are so welcome. I had read a comment of yours wishing for a wider audience for your amazing daughters writings so I was delighted to oblige. This poem meant a lot to me, especially as my eldest left home recently.

        1. It is very much quieter. Even with the others still here. She is having a great time though. I do miss her terribly

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