Help! I Think I’m Losing My Mind!

Picture the scene.small_500870184
Three school goers,
two of them teenagers,
arrive down to breakfast.
All three are,
their usual bubbly school morning selves!

The routine is,
that they arrive down and grunt.
I assume this grunt to be,
“Good Morning Mum”,
so I cheerily reply.
At this point I note,
I have only to be pleasant,
for another thirty five minutes!

Then they sit and wait.

They wait for me to,
cook their porridge,
put out cereal bowls,
and serve it to them.
I have no doubt,
that they would each starve to death,
if I did not provide them,
with milk and a spoon!

However the other morning as usual,
I made the porridge,
whilst chatting away to them.
They then sat and watched,
whilst I walked out into the back garden,
brought in the dogs bowl,
and poured the lovely fresh porridge into it!
It was at this point I heard,
“Mum, what are you doing?”

I gasped and looked around,
like one waking from a dream.small__4860872135
I saw the dogs bowl,
filled to the brim with porridge!
What the hell was I doing?
Even the dog was looking at me confused.
“Oh my God I have Alzheimer’s!”
was my first panicked thought.

The kids thought the whole incident was hysterical.
And were especially pleased,
that porridge was off the menu.

However I have been left wondering,
Am I going mad?

There was the not paying for petrol “incident”,
The forgetting to wake the kids “incident”,
The looking for cereal in the washing machine “incident”,
The driving down the road wondering,
where am I going “incident”.
The many “You promised, remember?”. No I dont, “incidents”.

Now I find myself daily,
trying to find proof,
that I do not have early Alzheimer’s Disease.

One of the kids will ask me a question,
“Did you remember my money for after school study?”
And I will delightedly shout,
“Yes, yes I did remember”.

The other day whilst out with friends,
we were trying to remember someones name.
I could not move on,
until I remembered it.
It was as if,
by remembering this name,
I would prove,
I was not “away with the fairies”.
Ages later when I remembered it,
I triumphantly shouted that name out.
No one really cared.
No one except me.
This was proof positive.
There was nothing wrong with me.

But was it?
Am I loosing it.
Will I have to go out and buy,
a Nintendo DS brain training game?

Is drinking too much wine and teasmall__7077125137
contributing to my “problem”?
I have thought for some time,
that I definitely need to cut back on tea!.


Am I just in need of a good holiday?

photo credit: tankgirlrs via photopin cc

photo credit: HollyEma☮ via photopin cc

photo credit: Aine D via photopin cc

14 thoughts on “Help! I Think I’m Losing My Mind!

  1. No more morning pub visits, ma’am! I put a box of spaghetti noodles into the boiling water the other week only to remember that I’d already done so about 14 seconds prior…sigh. We only eat one box so we had noodles for a week. Happens to the best of us, I guess.

    1. Your right. I never thought my St Patricks Day training could be having an effect on my life! Are you in training too? You’ll be tracing your family tree soon to find the Irish in you.

  2. This post definitely struck a chord with me for I’ve been wondering the same thing about myself – I often find myself striding from one room to the other with some purpose in mind only to find when I get there that I’ve forgotten why I’m there 😳

    And the other day I had an ‘incident’ with my dogs. Once a week, I cook them some mince as a nice change from their usual tinned dog food. I cooked the mince for them and while it was cooking I gathered up all the dog dishes, cleaned them, and set them out on the kitchen counter ready to receive the mince. The phone rang. I took the mince off the heat, answered the phone, and when the call was finished I returned to the kitchen, emptied some tins of pedigree chum into the dogs dishes, then wondered why they all turned their noses up

    Was only as I was sitting down to my own tea that I remembered the mince the dogs had been so eagerly awaiting

    Your porridge in the dog’s bowl definitely tops my tail, though 😆

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