I can’t believe I did that.

Yes, there are some things I did as a younger me, which perhaps I would not be overly proud of today. I would like to think I am not the only one. I was a bit of a ‘devil may care’ individual when I was younger. Someone who, here in Ireland, we might call ‘a … More I can’t believe I did that.

Born to be bad?

Quite a number of years ago, I worked in a childrens hospital, in the Accident and Emergency department, for a short time, whilst training to be a nurse. It was in a part of inner city Dublin, surrounded by flats. Many would consider it, the heart and soul of Dublin. The local children treated the … More Born to be bad?

It’s a miracle!

When I was a student nurse, I worked in a childrens hospital, as part of my training. It was here I learned a lot about dealing with children, from an amazing lady who would never have any of her own. The hospital was in inner city Dublin. It was surrounded by flats, which were inhabited … More It’s a miracle!