At last!

What a difference a few years can make. Three years ago you may recall, I posted a letter written by my brother, just a couple of weeks before the referendum here in Ireland on gay marriage.

It was a difficult letter to read, but near the end it continued…


NEVER in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what it felt like!…This is what all the feckin songs were about! This is how our Mum looked at Dad….THIS……THIS…was something I had honestly never felt possible.”

And the reason behind the letter was to ask those voting,

“maybe…maybe you just might say yes?”

Well, the country said a resounding yes and now three years later, come this Friday, I will be there to make sure he and his partner of almost two decades both say their own yes.

I won’t deny, there may be something in my eye that day.

My brother also wrote in that infamous letter… “since we were children together I have always felt you have known my inner soul. Our childhood games of playing exotic languages…dressing up….climbing hills, getting scratched and bruised…dirty and dishevelled in Donegal hills… forged a bond so strong that time, distance or living separate lives can never untangle.
You are me,and I am you.”

I’ve thought about it, but I couldn’t put it better myself. However, if I am to be sidelined as my brothers soulmate, I couldn’t be happier with my replacement.

Love and happiness to you both.


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