Putting life in perspective.

Life in the past few weeks has been hectic, throwing up a few challenges and ensuring blogging and writing take seats so far at the back that for a time they were not even on my radar.

Then yesterday I and a few friends went to sympathise with a friend who lost his fourteen year old nephew, an only child. We traveledphoto credit: The Candle via photopin (license) to comfort his heartbroken parents, but what help can anyone really be? In the days, weeks months and years ahead they face a life sentence the loneliness and horror of which I cannot in my wildest imaginings imagine as they mourn and miss their handsome boy.

So today as I make my way to light a candle for them, I will take the time to count my blessings. My life may be hectic and challenging, it may be sad and difficult at times, but today I feel lucky.

As you know I’m not a great person for religion, but where ever you are you might just take a moment to say a prayer for them if that is your belief or to wish them strength to face today and the many dark days ahead.

photo credit: The Candle via photopin (license)

7 thoughts on “Putting life in perspective.

      1. it shows the strength of the human spirit. they rise above and survive because there is no other choice, i am in awe of them and their ability to do this. it is beyond my comprehension.

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