For you… because I got you no present.

So today is Father’s day here in Ireland. Sadly I’ve no Dad to call or send a gift to. No scouring the shops for a card that comes close to saying all I’d love him to hear. All I can do is hold him close in my heart, speak to him in my mind and remember him in my mind’s eye. Always.

However I do have another Father in my life. He used to be tall, dark and handsome, but is now only two of those things! He enteredphoto (28) my world shortly before I lost my own dad, nearly thirty years ago now, and no matter what I threw at him he refused to leave. He gave me four of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received, three daughters and a son and more love, friendship and fun than I’d have imagined possible.

As he’s not my father I always struggle with the idea of buying him a gift from me. Of course when my gang were small I bought him gifts on their behalf, but now they are older they buy their own for him.

However, now it’s the night before and I’m feeling a bit mean, thinking I should have something for him. Even something small, but it’s too late now. So what to do?

Genius. Write a post telling him and the small number who read this what a wonderful dad he is.

So, you tall, silver, handsome man ‘Happy Father’s Day.’ If I do say so myself I chose well all those years ago. I grew up with the most wonderful dad anyone could wish for and little brings me as much happiness and pride as knowing that our children have been just as lucky as I was.


24 thoughts on “For you… because I got you no present.

    1. Ah for goodness sake. Here I am with my heartfelt post and you mocking it! I read your comment when it came in and he laughed and replied, ‘Tell her you cut me down to size.’ (Or wore me down I think he mumbled.)

  1. Wow Tric!!! That is the most beautiful gift you could have given him 🙂 and if you are posting such a live filled post after all these years, you definitely chose well, darling!! 🙂
    I didn’t buy my dad anything either… And my struggle with choosing a perfect gift for him is on my blog – titled Dear Pa… I hope you enjoy reading my post as much as I did yours 🙂
    Have a lovely day!

    1. That was a beautiful post you wrote for your dad.
      Yes we have been lucky. It’s been an eventful few years but we’ve stuck it out and not killed each other yet anyway. 🙂

    1. Thanks. I know that madame speculation is the pits. Spoiled the mood entirely. Never fear I’ll wreak my own havoc over on her blog. 🙂

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