Is it ever okay to lie?

What would you think if you discovered the rock you leaned on, the solid in your life had been lying to you… for weeks? Not only thatphoto credit: Weekly Photo Challenge #18 - Sexism via photopin (license) but your friends also knew?

Last Friday I discovered my life was not as it seemed. There was a web of lies surrounding me and I was completely in the dark. Now the one thing I’m known for is that I’m usually pretty sharp, I can spot trouble or deceit from a long way away. The slightest slip of the tongue and I begin to wonder, another clue and I have you. Put that alongside a husband who is the worlds worst liar and generally speaking I get to the bottom of what’s going on very quickly.

Until now. I’m not sure which is worse the thought that I might be losing my touch or the fact my husband might have learned how to deceive? Β Whatever the reality my antennae was down.

Returning from the pool last Friday night, I opened the door to my kitchen to be met by a huge roar, ‘Surprise!’. As I stared around in shock I saw many friends gathered as they began a rousing chorus of happy birthday. (Note to all, my birthday is St Patricks Day and I’d planned a party next Wednesday with these very people). For a moment I, who am rarely stuck for words, was gobsmacked. Then as I caught sight of my brothers partner and realised my brother had traveled from Dublin, I became overwhelmed and much to the rowdy crowds horror I left the room.

However not one to miss a party I quickly came good and returned to the fun. I have seen video footage of my entry. It’s best described as shock, quickly overtaken by the demonstration of my wide vocabulary of words to describe my friends, ‘You feckers’, ‘You shower of feckers’, ‘I can’t believe you feckers’ and finally for variety, ‘You are some bitches’.

It was a most wonderful night. On occasions I wandered out and sat for a moment alone trying to get my head around it all. Five weeks ago my husband had planned this party. Imagine that, five weeks of subterfuge! Β When I had left for the pool, four friends, myphoto (12) daughters and husband had quickly revamped the kitchen, utility, bathroom and hall. They had brought vases for flowers, Β tea light holders, candles and balloons, a fold away table for the curry my husband had organised and lots of deserts, and of course ice, drinks and more drinks. Every detail had been worked out, including cover for my early swim session the following day. Even my fellow coaches were in on the lies.

The night passed in a blur. Lots of laughter, singing and dancing. As I tried to gather my thoughts to the roars of ‘speech’ I once again struggled to say what I felt. How could I possibly express the love I felt for my children and husband that night? Was it actually possible to describe the joy I felt that my brother and his partner had come from Dublin? What words could I use which would do justice to the amazing friends I had gathered around me? Family and friends who have shared my life here in Cork for over twenty years through many wonderful highs and crushing lows. I’m not sure what I said, but I stuttered my way through somehow.

Now as I’ve time to think about it and recover from the shock I still have no words. Over the years, at times when life was challenging, I often told myself, ‘No one has everything’, but as I look at my husband, children, family and amazing friends I think I’ve come really close.

Even if they are a shower of lying feckers!

photo credit: Weekly Photo Challenge #18 – Sexism via photopin (license)

44 thoughts on “Is it ever okay to lie?

  1. What a grabbing headline Tric – had me hooked straight away thought there was a juicy story looming so glad i was wrong enjoy the long celebration Paddy’s day is nearly a feckin week away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Haha. Lots more nights to party. I know the header was a bit wicked alright. I knew bad thinkers like yourself would wonder. πŸ™‚

  2. You put the heart across me! What a happy ending!! Happy (early) birthday, sounds like a fab night. I would have been sniffing daffodils dancing on the kitchen floor. (Not a euphenism!) xx

    1. Yes they are some wild crowd alright. Definitely know how to throw a party. You’ll have to demonstrate your Irishness to the rest of your friends. πŸ™‚

  3. Happy birthday Tric!!! Sorry for the delayed wishes though…they take time to fly all the way from India πŸ™‚ Hope you had a wonderful Surprise!!! And how sweet of your husband for keeping it to himself for 5 WEEKS!!! πŸ˜€ You are blessed to have those ‘feckers’ in your life πŸ™‚

  4. That’s brilliant, what lying feckers you have in your life πŸ™‚ Sounds like a wonderful (and well deserving) party. Happy Birthday!

    1. Haha. It was incredible. I’d always said I’d hate a surprise party, but he ignored me and turns out I was wrong.
      I’m still recovering from the shock and the craic, but it was fantastic. He’s delighted with his million brownie points too.

  5. Oh, this kind of lying is quite all right! I’m sure that’s why your husband could maintain the deceit for such a long time. From what you’ve said about him in your previous posts, he sounds like a lovely guy. I’ll bet he wouldn’t have been able to sell you a lie if you thought he was doing something wrong. This was more like the nice kind of fibbing that parents tell their kids about Santa Claus.

    1. He’s proud as punch still and everyone is a little bit amazed he pulled it off.
      As a regular fibber (or as my mother used to say, ‘Tric a lie wouldn’t choke you’), I concur that some lies are not so bad. πŸ™‚

        1. Incidentally, I’ve just seen on Google that it’s about 3.15 am in Ireland now, so let me be the first blogger to wish you happy birthday! πŸ™‚

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