I found my Christmas cheer.

I thought I’d update you on my post last night. You will be pleased to hear I found my Christmas cheer. If you want proof, well here it is.

santa hats I woke up this morning to find a large number of Santa hats seem to have made their way home with me from my night out.

17 thoughts on “I found my Christmas cheer.

    1. Haha. How right you are. Your comment reminded me of a post I saw on facebook, ‘Is there any house in Ireland without a ‘borrowed’ pint glass’. Maybe it’s the same everywhere?

    1. You would think I should have known that Karen. The good thing is I’ll use them all for my fellow teachers at the pool when the big man comes for a special visit this week.

    1. Just go out have a few drinks and hey presto! Enjoy your night out. Sounds like it could be fun. Out with some girls that night myself. Clink clink.

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