Son of a Nutcracker! The Ginormous Christmas Charity Guide

This post by ‘Beating myself into a dress’, deserves great credit. The time and effort that must have gone into it beggars belief. At this time of year we all spend far too much unnecessarily. Here is a list of great charities (mostly Irish based) where your money, no matter how small would be appreciated.

Beating Myself Into a Dress

NOW that it’s Toy Show Day I can officially talk about Christmas!

While Christmas is the season of presents, selection boxes for breakfast, the Toy Show and an overdose of turkey, it’s also a time of year when many of us like to make a charitable donation. There are approximately eleventy billion charities in Ireland so it would be impossible to list them all but below you’ll find a selection of 50 charities ranging from international charities working in developing countries around the world, to small local charities, to individuals raising money and animal rescue groups. I suppose this is a ‘Christmas Gift Guide’ but with a difference – instead of a list of lovely things that you can buy for yourself or your friends (which I am totally on board with by the way), it’s a lovely list of charities you can donate to. Obviously I’ve left out loads…

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