Do you nap?

Do you power nap? Are you someone who can close your eyes for ten minutes and wake up completely refreshed? Or are you an all or nothing sleeper,  someone who must go to bed and sleep, unable to imagine waking after just ten minutes?
Personally I am a power napper, but it is my husbands ‘naps’ which in our house are a constant source of amusement.

In our early days together I should have taken note. Here was a man who regularly went to the cinema and never made it past the titles. As we continued through life children came along. God love him this time in our lives nearly killed him altogether.

However in recent years we have no crying children, and as far as I have noticed he manages to sleep a reasonable amount by night, yet the napping continues unabated.

Recently we were away for the weekend, just the two of us. Our flight was very early which meant a four thirty start. By the time we had landed and were on the train sitting comfortably in a nice warm, carriage, I observed the familiar drooping of his eyes as he sat opposite me. I knew it would not be long before I lost him, so I decided to have a little fun.

As we entered a tunnel, I began to speak knowing he was too exhausted to listen. He sat upright feigning interest, and I smiled inwardly as I saw his eyelids close over, only to open suddenlysleep with a start every few minutes. Each time he opened his eyes he struggled to focus, staring in my direction with a glazed expression. Straight faced I’d ask him questions such as ‘Do you agree?’, or ‘What do you think?’. Puzzled he’d look at me and slowly answer my made up questions with a very weary ‘Ehhh, ye’, or ‘Mmmm, I’m not sure’. As we entered a tunnel I knew he was losing the battle. I watched as he raised his eyebrows when I would speak to him, as if this would pull his eyes open. Sometimes he would answer, but his eyes were now glued tight. Realising my fun was over I let him sleep.

The ticket inspector entered the train carriage. I looked at my poor, exhausted, sleeping husband, and felt bad because our train tickets were in his pocket. I’d have to wake him. I waited as long as I could then gently woke him, asking for our tickets. It took a while for him to return from the land of nod, but eventually he did and handed over the tickets.

As the inspector walked away my husband looked at me and smiled. ‘Sorry I was exhausted, he said. ‘I feel much better now, I really needed that sleep’.

We were still in the tunnel!

photo credit: BlakJakDavy via photopin cc
photo credit: Jessie Romaneix © via photopin cc

20 thoughts on “Do you nap?

    1. I’d be lost without a power nap. Ten minutes is as good as a full night for me. Not always possible to get one during the day mind you.
      Our husbands would make a terrible team!

      1. Isn’t that the truth about our hubbies?! I’m going to start partaking in a 10-15 minute cat nap. It will probably make me a more patient person. 😉

  1. I absolutely empathize with your hubby! When the “nap” hits, there is absolutely no getting around it. And its one of the best feelings in the world, to give in to that pull down into the sweetness of daytime sleep. I can “nap” for five minutes and be completely refreshed!

    1. Your description is perfect. I love that moment when you are between sleep and being awake, just before you leave this world for a while.

  2. I struggle with sleeping…not just because of my wee ones either. So I never, ever nap. Because if I do, I can guarantee I’ll be up all night after.
    It also makes me hate all nappers.

  3. I love my “power naps”!…but if they are much more than 30 minutes…it will ruin me for nighttime sleeping. My hubby on the other hand can sleep all night (not even get up to go potty)…and still cat nap in his recliner all day long! I don’t get it! I work 10 times as hard has he does…and yet he’s the one doing all the sleeping! Grrrrr

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