Five reasons I hate lists.

I think the world can be divided very simply into two types of people.
Those who write lists, and those who don’t.
I am in the latter, as you may have guessed, and my overly organised mother, and very non free spirited husband, are in the former.
Not that I am judging, but I’m just wondering Β which group are you in?

For those of you who do not understand my point of view, I will “list” my credit: <a href="">Great Beyond</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

1. My husband thinks lists are wonderful. I am not programmed to agree with him.
2. I can never find a piece of paper to write a list on, so I usually use the back of an envelope, or note, which I later discover I needed to keep.
3. I write the list and then lose it, forget to bring it to the shops, or throw it out.
4. People are always writing lists on their blogs. It must take them five minutes. How is that fair?
5. I like to read stories online, where’s the story in a list?

So there it is, my list about lists, and guess what?
It was fun to write!

photo credit: Great Beyond via photopin cc

39 thoughts on “Five reasons I hate lists.

  1. You would not like me at all. πŸ™‚ I am organized – to – the – max! I used to keep written lists but since my stroke I keep them on dozens of Notepads. πŸ™‚ My organization often called me at home looking for a person’s name or another organization’s name or where to find something… It made me feel good but I get the feeling some think it’s akin to a mental illness. πŸ™‚ (Crazy people laugh a lot too.)

  2. I write lists of important things that I need to do, but then I never look at the lists again, not unless I find them months later when I’m cleaning off my computer table. Usually, I still have things I forgot to do on the old lists so I carry need to(s) over to a new list and promptly lose it again. There is always the occasional thrill of crossing out a few things that I did do, but the amount of done(s) is far less in number than the number of things I still need to do. Does that make any sense?

    1. Yes it makes perfect sense and I think it should be number 6 in the reasons I hate lists. They do not work most of the time.
      My husband regularly makes lists and then goes out leaving them at home!
      I love your name!

  3. No, me neither, I have no time for lists, never a piece of paper handy or a pen, and even if I did remember to bring it with me I’d forget to check it…I manage well enough without lists most days.

  4. I write lists; forget I ever wrote them, lose them, throw them away before I get to use them. I write lists of lists so I don’t forget the original list. And lose those too. And I make a total twit of myself when I write little lists of what I am going to buy my husband for Christmas, leave them all over the place and then when he opens his *amazing* present on Christmas morning and is not overly surprised, I want to slap myself that he found seven, -seven- notes in the lead up to Christmas all over the house and car…. I think I write them to pretend to myself I have a modicum of organisation skills buried somewhere within me….

    1. I have a friend just like you. I just don’t get it. I put what I should remember in my head and if I forget I forget. I do smile though when my husband says “regularly” you should make a list. Maybe I forget a lot!

  5. I’m a list person and use them for listing daily tasks, goals and groceries. The grocery one is via an app on my phone though. It makes shopping a breeze. I’m “too focused on routine and scheduling” according to my husband though, so maybe lists aren’t always a good thing. But, I like them.

  6. I make lists every single day for work. But it’s my way to document them. I have the lists of things I did for my first job. And I have the lists of things I do for this current job, now on year 13. When I retired I will have a lovely bonfire. πŸ™‚

    1. That is what I would be happy to do with lists. I have a friend who loves lists and especially at Christmas has so many in her pockets.

  7. I make lists too and then either leave them sitting on the table or lose them before I reach my destination. I have attempted to make grocery lists on my cell phone app but that doesn’t work too well either for me. I also spend more time making the list than it would take me if I just got up and did the task. Maybe its called Procrastination? I’m certainly guilty of that!

    1. Oh maybe it is something all listers have in common, that they are procrastinators? But then again I think they make lists so they can “do”. So possibly not.
      It looks like non listers are in the minority.

  8. i am so not a list person. like you, i always will try to jot them on some random piece of paper, and either leave it, throw it away, or find out it was an important legal document that i’ve just defaced. can’t do it, not my way. ps – i love the ‘shave the cat’ on your list )

    1. Ah we see eye to eye. Yes I loved that bit of nonsense on the list too. It is often, just like you said, the inconvenience of looking for the paper I wrote it on after realising I need it which drives me mad. Knew I liked you for a reason. πŸ™‚

  9. I don’t make lists either. I use my notes app on my phone once in a while but never look at that again until months later and then it is too late to do whatever was on the note. Most of the time it is the back of an envelope or something that lays in the seat of my car or in the bottom of my purse for who knows how long. Nope, don’t make lists any more, I have just started putting things on the calendar app with an alarm if it is really important then I won’t miss it.

    1. Yes I do put the alarm on my phone for events I want to remember, but writing a list seems such a waste of time because it would appear I am not alone in never doing what was on the list.

  10. I love my lists. I have a big notebook for home and a little notebook for shopping lists. They live in a corner in the kitchen beside the big pen holder that is full of unsharpened pencils, broken pencils, tiny IKEA pencils, and hardly ever the blue pen I need to make my lists.

    1. I have an area too where we always keep pens. Well maybe I should tell everyone else that because it is guaranteed to be the one place you will never ever find a pen and if you do it doesn’t work and yet is replaced everytime!
      I think two out of my four will go on to be listy, and to be honest it is the other two who could do with a list.

  11. Nice list about lists, Tric πŸ™‚ I write lists, because I have an awful memory and otherwise I forget things. Including the shopping list, which is always on the kitchen table when I arrive at the supermarket. I have a very nice, big diary with absolutely nothing written in it, buried somewhere in my drawer. I dream of being organized and ahead of things, but I can’t be bothered with all that wonder woman stuff. I guess I’m not made for wearing my super woman knickers over my leggings… Oh well. I’ll get over it.

  12. I like lists, and it must run in the family, as when my first granddaughter was 2 or 3 she loved making lists, it didn’t matter that no one could read them, they were lists!

  13. I’m a list-lover, though I don’t keep many of them. Boy, was I happy when I realized my iPhone had a “Notes” app built into it, and I can “speak” my lists into it, instead of having to type. So my lists are all in one place, and I don’t lose them. (I hope we can still be friends…heh.)

    1. Denise you have let me down. I was hoping you were a bit scattered like myself. I think I can get by this though, for the sake of our online friendship!

  14. I am not a consistent list maker, but I do make a list when I have an unusually busy day planned and want to get a lot accomplished. It works for me! I cross things off my list as I do them, and have a great sense of accomplishment when it’s all done. I sometimes don’t get everthing on it completed and if not, I roll over what’s left unfinished to the next day’s list. I am also a “planner”. My youngest daughter and I both love to plan our activities together. Our husbands on the other hand, could care less and just go where we tell them to. LOL

    1. I think you differ from a lot of other list makers, you actually do what is on the lists as opposed to most who just make the lists. πŸ™‚

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