I’m sick!

It’s winter in Ireland, a time of rain, gales and cold weather.
Viruses and illness are everywhere.
Similar to flue and swine flue, this country is in the midst of an epidemic.
It began slowly two weeks ago and has now peaked.
It is called Garth Brooks fever.photo credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/melodramababs/7570967156/">melodramababs</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/">cc</a>

I have been struck down. Badly.

The symptoms are not subtle.
They involve the desire to find a lighter or match to light up,
and wave around whilst swaying and singing “The dance” or “unanswered prayers”.
The need to sing at the top of my voice at home continuously.
Thinking that the name Garth is more than a little perfect.
Noting the smiles of fellow shoppers as unaware I sing loudly in public that,
“I’ve got friends in low places”, with a pronounced American country music accent.

Today however my fever took a terrible turn.
The tickets were released for his shows in July.
I failed to get any. Not even one!

I am gutted.
My loud singing is but a whisper.
I cannot accept it. So I have taken a new tack.

I have entered numerous competitions on the radio.. no luck.
As my name is not announced I feel absolute hatred towards those who do win.
Then I thought I might try to buy tickets off the internet,
but they are so dear I’ll have to sell the car, and that’s just not practical.

So as a final desperate measure I tweeted my interest.
“I will swap my family for Garth Brook tickets”.
It did get retweeted but as yet no luck.
I am still hopeful so just in case I have their washing up to date.
A cousin of mine expressed concern on facebook, that if it were known we were related,
there could be people who would give their eye teeth and the tickets for such a family.
I’m quite happy to let them all go.

So watch this space.
I am willing to throw the dog in too.
Maybe I should tweet that as an update.

I’ll keep you posted but just in case you don’t know who I am talking about,
I’ll leave you with God Garth as he sings “The Dance”
Now where’s that lighter!

photo credit: melodramababs via photopin cc

30 thoughts on “I’m sick!

    1. No but I love his music. We Irish went bonkers the last time he was here. Ronan wouldn’t do it for me though. Maybe I’ll convert you to Garth. This is a beautiful song.

    1. He played 17 shows in a row the last time he was here, which is still a record. We are only a small country of 4 million, so that is a huge proportion to go see him.
      Sadly it looks like I’ll never get a ticket. I’ll have to get a cd instead!

      1. I saw him in concert way back when…before he became so famous…had a blast and knew from that concert that he was going to be unstoppable. Have not tried since then to get tickets because they sell out that fast here too.

      1. I had a Country music phase once. 🙂 That’s probably during the time Kenny Rodgers, Dolly Parton and Clint Eastwood were very popular. The song “How do I live without you” by LeAnn Rimes is a country song, I think. 🙂

  1. i’m sorry you’ve got the feva’ tric. there really is no cure for that. all we can do is try to keep you comfortable. if you get too hot then –

  2. He’s popular there now? Lol, he is so 1993 over here, but I like him. He has a pretty cook “Ireland” song as well. Good luck with your ticket adventure. Is there just one show in Ireland?

    1. Watch this space. This is the beginning of his “comeback”, so we Irish are way ahead. He’s playing three shows, and missed the tickets.

  3. Sounds like Charlie and the Chocolate factory, music style. I’ve never heard of him – is this a recent success story that is just Irish, or is he more widely known? Doesn’t sound Irish at all to my (admittedly untrained) ear. Hope you get your ticket !

  4. My Dear Lady
    Come to my side of the Atlantic and I promise some awesome tix and a fab concert.
    It is nice to have family with connections, just sayin’~

    1. Sharen that sounds fantastic. But while I might get into the concert I’d have to sell my house to fly over!
      Have you ever gone to see him? It’s funny but since these tickets were announced all the closet country fans have come out!

  5. He lives not far from me and I have never gotten a ticket, I understand your pain. Garth is wonderful. When the family gets together we always Friends i Low places….sound horrible but it’s fun.

    Answer me this why do all the Irish have wonderful voices and this incrdible ability to dance?

    1. I would say like anywhere some can sing and dance and others are better making up the audience. Although I personally believe I am a great singer once I have a few drinks.
      Regardless of how good we are I do think the Irish love to party which usually involves singing.

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