Thank you

A few weeks ago I was shameless.
I asked those who read my blog,
would they please consider nominating me,
for the Irish Blog Awards.

A big thank you to one and all,
as I have made the long list in two categories.nominated
Best new blog, and best personal blog.
Now before we open the champagne,
I think everyone who got nominated made the list!
Regardless of that minor detail,
I would like to say a big thank you to you all.

Even though I write about my life daily,
I found asking for nominations very difficult,
and a bit embarrasing.
I am so grateful to anyone who took the time,
to fill out the form.

Just tonight I discovered,
that someone nominated one of my posts for “best post”.
It was a post I wrote called
“Can I trust him with my child?”.

People who follow my blog,
will know that I had a difficult time as a teenager.
I do not regularly share that period of my life,
nor do I speak about it’s effects on me very often,
as I do not feel it defines me.
However sometimes I do,
as in this post.

I do not know who nominated it,
but if you do agree that it is a good post,
you might consider checking it out,
and if you would like to vote for it,
feel free to do so.
The link is here.
(embarrassing myself again, I’m getting good at it!)

There are other posts there too,
you might like to check out,
from other bloggers,
which you might enjoy even more!

Regardless of whether you do or don’t vote again,
I would like to say a big “Thank you”,
Since I started writing this blog,
at the end of January,
I have enjoyed meeting you all,
and am most grateful that any of you,
have stuck with me,
reading “my thoughts on a page”.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh.
(thanks a thousand to you)

For those of you who follow or read my blog regularly,
she is home!!!
Music and perfume,
are once more permeating,
through every corner of the house.
Clothes are seeping out of her room,
and I can hear her voice and laughter live.
All is once again right in my world.
(And in case your wondering,
despite my best efforts,
I did cry at the airport).

21 thoughts on “Thank you

    1. Thank you. Its hard to express how I feel. A long time ago I wrote a post and in it I shared a poem my Dad sent to me when I was away from home. He asked me not to open it until the night before I came home. The last lines of the poem were “A part of me asleep will wake, your hand upon the door”. I think I truly understand that line today. Here’s the post if you want to check out the poem.

  1. Yay about everything you shared this post, but most of all ‘yay’ because you cried at the airport! Tears are good, they are an expression of caring, be it a happy or sad cry, any cry is a wonderful thing!
    Now…I’m off to vote…

    1. Thank you so much and for the vote! She looked at me beaming at the airport and I was trying not to cry, but she knows me well and said nothing. It was a special moment.

  2. I’d have been sorely disappointed in you if you hadn’t cried ! πŸ˜†

    Now enough of the self-deprecating. You write wonderful posts and fully deserve to go on and win this bloody award

    P.S. in case the judges are eejits that don’t recognise true talent when they see it, have you their names and addresses and I’ll send a few bottles of Paddy whiskey round to encourage them to cast their vote in the right direction πŸ˜†

    1. Ha ha. I’d say a few cases and I still wouldn’t have a prayer although I’m sure it might help my cause, although maybe we could just meet up and enjoy them ourselves!
      Our youngest was at the airport with me and asked me would I cry, I scoffed at her and informed her that this was a happy occasion and I had no intention of crying. Five minutes later I saw her smile a look of “I knew it” in my direction.

    1. Thanks a million. It is a very personal post so a lesson to me, beware what you put on the web, but sure too late now! I am not ashamed of my past but it is not something I find easy to write about. This post is I suppose typical of what most of us with a past battle with on an ongoing basis. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you for sharing, reading between the lines of your “Can I Trust Him with My Child,” this was my experience too as a child. I have been there with the trust issue and found myself in the same boat with my two sons. They were innocent children and I had to protect them from monsters. I did that for a long time until I realized that I was not allowing them to develop their own self defense mechanisms. When I realized this I started allowing them to do things on their own and they have grown to be very independent young men that I am so proud of. Looking back, I almost over-sheltered them for too long but I am glad I realized it in time and learned how to spread my wings and let them learn to fly on their own.
    By the way, I voted for your post as best blog. I love how your “Thoughts on A Page” often mirror my own.

    1. Thank you so much Charlene. I am so touched you voted for this post. Recovering from abuse is a very long road and takes a lot of effort to not only get over it ourselves but to ensure we are not letting it effect our children. Well done you for knowing you were doing that and making the necessary changes. I know it is not an easy thing to do!

        1. Thanks Charlene. I haven’t a prayer as it is the big bloggers who will get huge votes, but I don’t mind at all. I am delighted to feature. As for your grown boys I think to us mums they are always our small boys.

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