Recycling can be very expensive!

I have had a timely reminder,
from my good blogging pal Mocha,
that I have lost my sense of humor!
(If you have a minute check him out,
he writes amazing posts).

Well maybe that’s not quite what he said,photo credit: <a href="">pamhule</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
but I think what he was really saying,
was that my writing is a bit Leonard Cohen!
You know great to listen to,
but at times a bit on the depressing side.

So now for todays miserable post!
Only joking,hopefully this will make you smile.

Today I was as usual, being the perfect wife.
I decided to tackle the wardrobes and floordrobes,
in each of our childrens bedrooms.

Now I am no Einstein,
but there has to be some sort of scientific explanation,
to explain why,
once clothes are removed from drawers and wardrobes,photo credit: <a href="">JulieFaith</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
they take up triple the surface area.
(That is a question for you Deo!).

We made lots of distinct piles.
Clothes we love, clothes for winter,
clothes that no longer fit,
and clothes we obviously bought when we were on drugs.

Each pile was huge.
Then my daughter picked up,
various school uniform pieces from the floor.
“why is this here?” she asked,
holding up my sons uniform.
I took the garments from her.

With a sick feeling I checked each one.
Two pairs of pants, two shirts, one jumper,
one tracksuit and one t-shirt.
All belonging to my eldest son,
who had just this week finished school forever.

My daughter looked at me.
“Mum, why are they in my room?. Where is my school uniform?”.
As she spoke it all came back to me with sickening clarity.

That rushed moment,
when I picked up the neat pile of school uniform,small__5398662414
that was sitting on my bedroom floor.
I could now clearly recall dropping the school jumper,
and thinking to myself,
“Oh my goodness, how has he been wearing that,
it has really shrunk?.
But the penny never dropped.

I then hurried off to the school,
and dropped my son at the door.
I handed over the uniform to put in the school recycling bin.
Pants, shirts,tracksuit, t-shirt and jumper,
all of which I now know belonged to my daughter!

Oh dear, as I said,
sometimes recycling can be very expensive!

My dilemma now is what to do?

photo credit: pamhule via photopin cc
photo credit: Alan Stanton via photopin cc
photo credit: JulieFaith via photopin cc

20 thoughts on “Recycling can be very expensive!

  1. Ha, love your poll, tric – but you’re doing this all wrong

    Just follow these 6 easy steps from ‘uncle Dunc’ and your problem will be soon over

    Step 1 – immediately confess everything to your man (assuming your kids haven’t already shopped you)

    Step 2 – point out the clothes are still in the recycle bin, if only you had the nerve to climb in and retrieve them – but, sadly, you haven’t

    Step 3 – investigate the cost of replacing the missing clothing

    Step 4 – double the amount in Step 3

    Step 5 – ask your man for the sum of money in Step 4 to buy replacement clothing

    Step 6 – hold the torch and stand guard while your man climbs in the recycling bin and feverishly searches for the missing clothing 😆

    1. I have actually thought of doing that. And if looking at the floor isn’t bad enough when they do “clean up”, they put 90% into the wash!! It drives me wild. Some day I will have my revenge. The really terrible thing about the recycling mistake is that I have done this once before and had to ring the breast cancer charity helpline to try to get some thing belonging to my husband back.:)

      1. Oh my! Okay, so from now on perhaps it is fair to express to your children/spouse that if THEY don’t clean it up they very well may end up going to the charities themselves to get the things you recycled because they didn’t clean it up.

        And take the pictures. It will soon be the day that I get to use mine! 🙂

    1. At least they were only stored and not actually worn. When I saw some of them this is the only explanation I could come up with for why I ever bought them. 🙂

      1. You’re so funny. The picture of your kid’s room looked frighteningly familiar. Some of mine kept “science projects” in theirs – plastic dishes with what …might have been… food in them! They made me nuts (now you understand!) 😉

        Next time ship ’em to me. I’d probably wear the stuff, unless it’s paisley socks and v-neck knitted sweaters! I love the retro “hippie” look best. I’ve never reconciled being born ten years too late to miss the fun! Next comes beach bum, then there’s the “wanna be 30 again look!” I have some really fun clothes! Why I thought you wanted to know is beyond me, but there you have it…more information than you know what to do with. It’s been a good day – I guess that’s why my fingers are so “gabby” today. 🙂

        Enjoy the week!


        1. I am delighted your fingers are gabby today. I now have a great picture of you to go with the one in my mind. I think we all have “fun” clothes. In fact they say we stick with the look where we were most happy in life!

  2. clothes we obviously bought when we were on drugs.

    Haha. Yeah, we’ve all been there. I’ve looked at clothes that I have no memory of buying and thought I hope I never actually wore that outside the house and if I did that there is no photographic evidence…

    1. Ha ha. My kids are forever laughing at what I am wearing in past photos. They just don’t get it when I tell them their kids will be laughing at them some day too.
      As for some of the clothes… OMG and I never ever use that expression.

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