Friday Sweets. A Fathers Connection.

This is a post for all of you dads out there,
The reality in most families with children,
is that the father goes to work,
and the mother stays at home.
It may be like this for a few months,
Or for many years.

Whilst the mother is at home,
she shares so many everyday moments,
with her children.Anxious Child
For a long time she is their world.

Looking in as an adult,
we imagine,
that the child sees dad leave every day,
and then return home.
Some of us worry,
“Is our partner not spending enough time with his child?”

When our first child was about 15 months old,
I realized,
that despite this absence by day,
my daughter adored her dad.

Every evening when he was due home,
I’d tip her off.
She would stand in the hall,
watching out the window,
No mobile phone…
so it was quite a wait some days!

Then the excitement.
Dad was home!
She could barely contain herself,
as his car pulled into the drive.
He too loved her reaction,
as she showered him with hugs and kisses.

Quite by chance one Friday,
he decided to bring her a treat.

He stopped at the shop,
and instead of a packet of sweets,
he bought a mix of penny sweets.
Just a small bag,
with a variety of jellies.

The following week,
he did the same.
It became a ritual called,
“Friday Sweets”.

Move things forward twenty one years,small__67791333
The same “little” girl is at college.
Every Friday she returns home,
and she looks for her dad and “Friday sweets”.

So my advice to moms and dads is,
stop fretting about lost time,
and making up with grand gestures.
The equivalent of €3,
every week,
keeps four children aged 11-21,
eagerly anticipating the return of their Dad on a Friday!

It’s the simple things,
that often leave the biggest impression.

photo credit: IronRodArt – Royce Bair (“Star Shooter”) via photopin cc

photo credit: <a href=””>camerondaigle</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;

4 thoughts on “Friday Sweets. A Fathers Connection.

    1. too true! I had written this yesterday, then I read your post last night, about dads too. I thought “aw some of us do appreciate dads”. Think i’d like to be absent awhile too though!

  1. My dad did Friday Sweets too

    When I was wee my dad worked at Duncan’s in Edinburgh (chocolate manufacturer later taken over by Rowntree)

    Every Friday, when he finished work, he brought home some Walnut Whips (Perhaps Duncan’s most famous confectionary) for my mum and a biscuit tin full off ‘broken’ (reject) lumps of chocolate for me and my sister. These were 2-3″ thick lumps of solid chocolate that tasted absolutely delicious. I can still remember the taste now – it was unique, so different to the chocolate Cadbury’s or Rowntree or Nestle made

    Needless to say, his arrival home from work on a Friday was an eagerly awaited event and it was a sair disappointment to me and my sis when he lost his job at Duncan’s 😦

    P.S. looking back as an adult on those early years, I have often wondered what role he played in ensuring there was always some ‘reject’ chocolate available for his bairns every Friday and if those friday sweets led in any way to his losing his job with the company !

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