Going Home!

Tomorrow I will pack my two youngest, into the car, and we will drive off to Dublin, to stay with my mum for a few days. Even though I left Dublin, over twenty five years ago, to live 200km away in Cork, with my husband and subsequent children, I still say when I head to … More Going Home!

Nature V Nurture.

I have often wondered about this. My own brothers and sisters are all fairly diverse human beings, yet share common characteristics. For instance I discovered recently that three of us are avid diary keepers. Yet how much of what we have become is down to genetics, and how much is down to our environment and … More Nature V Nurture.

To Celebrate Or Not?

In my family there are a number of birthdays approaching. The milestones reached differ greatly. One is celebrating just over a decade on this earth, the other something a bit more significant. It made me think of how we view birthdays as we get older. My small girl is beside herself waiting for hers. The … More To Celebrate Or Not?