Where did the years go?

So would you believe it, yer man and myself were married this day 27 years ago! How is that even possible you ask? Obviously because I was but a child and it was barely legal, at least that is the line I like to pedal.

It’s hard to even imagine the amount of water that has passed under the bridge since that day.

Sometimes I look back and wonder at the long road we’ve traveled. There have been a huge number of dark days but if anyone was to ask, “How did you last the journey?” I think I’d give two reasons…we were lucky, because we grew together as the years passed, but above all we have laughed together, even in our darkest days.

Who knows how many years our future holds but I hope to continue to live it day by day, with yer man.

Looking back it’s difficult to remember that young, fiesty, very much single girl I once was. I do recall though having a ‘moment’ a few weeks before our wedding.

We were visiting his home village and in the previous days I’d begun to have rather major doubts. I came from Dublin, a busy city, a world away from the one street village we were walking through. I was a Dub, with an accent I liked, a job I loved and a surname I was proud of. Did I want to be a man’s wife?

Walking along hand in hand yer man sensed something was up. I decided to be honest and shared my worries. Were we doing the right thing? Did I want to be a wife? Did I want to live away from Dublin?

We stopped walking and he turned towards me. I was torn between my feelings for him and my fear of marriage and commitment. Then he said, “Lets not lose the romance.”

And there, with those few words I got it. Regardless of what life throws at us or how things change, let us never forget we have each other. (Even though there have been many days since when we have both suffered from serious amnesia!)

Now many years older than we were that day I think that boy and girl continue to live within us both.

So what did we buy each other for our anniversary? Nothing. I went out last light with a girl friend and yer man collected us after our few drinks. What greater proof of his love than to pick up two women and tolerate their tipsy ramblings?

So Happy anniversary to us.

Oh and just in case you think we have our lives sorted, I’ll just add Β here… yer man was convinced our anniversary was on the 19th!


As a rare treat… here is what we looked like 27 years ago today.


photo credit: Leo Reynolds 1990 via photopin (license)

26 thoughts on “Where did the years go?

  1. Aw fab! Happy anniversary. Reminds me of me and himself.together 20 years married 8 and on a rare night away last night we belly laughed half the night like the “boy and girl” you also reference used to do. In tough times we always remember they are there and a bit of coaxing gets them to remember and regain πŸ™‚

    1. Yes it can be so hard at times to find that boy and girl but given half a chance they burst out.
      Congrats on your own anniversary. Here’s to many more for both of us.

      1. Oh most definitely. I once had a therapist suggest the next time I entered into a relationship to run the idea past him as I clearly have little to no idea of what I might be doing…

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