A Merry Christmas?

I read a facebook comment from an online friend which made me stop and think. For her at the moment life is far from ideal. Even though I’m sure she will have a lovely Christmas it is not quite the Christmas she would have dreamed of.

As I struggled for something ‘wise’ to say to her, I began to think of the past many Christmas’s I have lived through. There were small__2147999608the many magical ones I had as a child, of which my memories are full of presents, food, and family gathering. Singing, card playing and games also featured strongly. Wonderful Christmas’s, which ensured that forever more, Christmas would be a magical time in my life.

There were also darker Christmas’s, such as the Christmas we knew was to be my Dad’s last. I’m sure it was heartbreakingly sad in places, but I remember the family laughing and partying as always, and making it as perfect as it could be.

As the years rolled on I remember my first year married, when I was rostered on for night duty, effectively ruining my Christmas. How cross I was, and not being able to go to my family home for Christmas was so very hard. However after that, there followed the many wonderful years of my babies arriving and enjoying Santa and presents. We moved house, made new friends and began new traditions with our own children. Passing on the love of all things Christmas to them.

Then there was the Christmas two years ago when we welcomed young Daniel home from hospital, shell shocked at his diagnosis of leukemia, and last years Christmas, so soon after losing him.

Life is very much swings and roundabouts. Sometimes it is such fun, and other times we just have to hold on for dear life. This year I am determined to have a Christmas full of fun. Laughter will be my main guest, closely accompanied by good food, wine and great company. Another year over, my family all well and happy. A huge amount to be thankful for.

So today as I write this post I think of my young blogging online friend and I say to her,
I hope you can enjoy this Christmas. It may not be the Christmas of your dreams, but keep dreaming because one day that Christmas will come.

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photo credit: andrewr via photopin cc

12 thoughts on “A Merry Christmas?

    1. Yes it is hard, although Daniel has a younger sister who everyone wishes to ensure continues to have a memorable Christmas.
      I do think that seeing others go through loss makes us appreciate just how lucky we are, and just how quickly life can change.
      Thanks as always Jackie for reading and always being there.

  1. Christmas is a time filled with many emotions for so many people. I agree that not all Christmases will hold sad memories and many will be filled with joy. It is what we make it really.
    I’m trying to teach my son that as he is not feeling the Christmas spirit right now and refuses to put any decorations up in his home this year. I hope he enjoys being with his family this year (for the first time in a few years).

    1. Yes how true, it is indeed what we make of it. Happiness takes effort.
      I remember last year, young Daniel was buried on Monday Dec 1st. Three days later his younger sister asked to put up the decorations. Despite their pain the family decorated the house and put up the tree for the three children they had left. Funnily enough I think it helped them all.
      I wish your son strength this year, (and you too).

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