Four minus one.

Grief is a strange emotion. For a time it is all consuming. Eating into my every moment. And then it begins to recede. Burrowing deep inside me, taking up residence next to my heart. It becomes a lurker, on occasions out of nowhere it rises to the surface. At other times Grief hits me with a … More Four minus one.

If you could, who would you choose to spend five minutes with?

I saw this picture first on Aoibheanns Pink Tie facebook page . A fabulous charity helping families of children with cancer.  I originally saw it a few weeks ago, but the question it asks has stayed with me. Who would I like to sit with? Would I chose a famous figure from the past? Someone … More If you could, who would you choose to spend five minutes with?


“Oh my God, he’s gone! He died. He actually died!” These are the thoughts that arrest me, out of the blue regularly. I might be driving, or out buying groceries, perhaps out having fun with friends, or teaching at the pool, when without any warning I remember. Dan died. When this moment hits it quite … More Gone.

The ripple effect.

When our young friend Dan died in November it sent a seismic shock through our village. It was the second death of a child within three weeks. Understandably it affected many, with hundreds coming to see him off. I have met some mothers who told me that as they passed the church that day, knowing … More The ripple effect.