Lifes roller coaster is paused for a Mc Donalds.

Where would we be without McDonalds? Although I do have a small weakness, for their chips and burgers, on this occasion I am not speaking of their food. My question refers to, a young friend of mine, who is in intensive care, in a childrens hospital in Dublin. He has fought leukemia since Christmas, and … More Lifes roller coaster is paused for a Mc Donalds.

Home Sweet Home

Until you leave home, You cannot understand the “sweet” in this statement. As a child I can remember, returning from my two weeks annual Summer holidays, and wandering around every part of my home, remembering. The lively heart of the house which was our kitchen, and the comfort of our sitting room. I would make … More Home Sweet Home

I hope you know.

Is it possible to be in two places at one time? Am I really where my body is, where people can see me, touch me and speak with me? Or am I where my mind is? Over 200 km away by my friends side. Holding her hand, giving her a hug. Sitting beside her as … More I hope you know.

His name was Daniel

He came third in his family, but always aimed for first in life. Soccer, football, hurling, basketball, golf, all played with passion. All his efforts came from a desire to be the best. He loved to win. On this blog you have known him as, “my friends young boy”, “my young friend”, and affectionately as … More His name was Daniel