Was it worth it?

A question occurred to me the other day and I thought I’d put it out there to see what you think.

Is the morning after worth the night before?

Last Saturday night I, and a large group of friends went on a night out. The mood was light and celebratory. They kicked off the night at six thirty but sensible old me decided not to join them until after eight, for fear I’d peak a little early.

Initially the night was tame and we even pondered going home at the sensible hour of eleven o clock. However by ten o clock our photo credit: dMadPhoto via photopin cchumour was high and the mere mention of going home was enough to cause a stampede to the bar for another drink. We were eventually collected at closing time, reluctantly saying goodbye to each other as if we were never to meet again, instead of within days.

There is a real plus in having older children who can drive. Karma comes their way and we call in our debts as parents for all those times we gave them lifts. However there is also a down side. They are there as witnesses to our high humour and are more than happy to inform the others in the family the following day, of what we said or did.

Thankfully I didn’t do anything too awful, apart from asking my daughter when exactly she bought a red car? (I was with her months ago when she did) and calling her ‘Sister pious’ when she laughed at me. On arrival home I decided I’d watch TV for a little while before making myself a cup of tea. Little did I know that I subsequently entered some sort of time bubble, and woke on the couch ‘moments’ later to discover it was 3.30 am. Yer man upstairs must have entered the same bubble because he was fast asleep and hadn’t even missed me.Β I eventually got into bed smiling as I replayed so many great memories from the night.

Sadly that was the last smile on my face for some time!

I awoke the next day totally wiped. No I’d not contracted the Ziko virus or man flu. This was the result of wine. As himself smiled photo credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/32625265@N04/15285382495">Hangover, hangover, hangover...</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/">(license)</a>smugly, being the non drinker he is, and enjoyed updating me hourly on what a lovely day it was outside, I wondered how long before I killed him. It was around about then the question occurred to me,

‘Was it worth it?’
Was the fun, the craic, the camaraderie and the high of a night with alcohol worth the low?

In the interests of further study, and because I’m such a civic minded person, I have another night out this weekend. For contrast I intend to drink wine once more, but avoid certain friends of bad influence, and pace myself better. As a result I hope to be in a position to greet ‘Mr Smug I don’t drink’ with a winning smile next Sunday morning.

I will be sure to keep you informed with my results. If you decide to partake in your own study, feel free to let me know. We can compare findings.

photo credit: Hangover, hangover, hangover… via photopin (license)
photo credit: DSCF0437 via photopin (license)


42 thoughts on “Was it worth it?

  1. It’s worth it at the time. It’s worth it about three or four days later. But, for those two or three days it now takes me to recover, it’s not worth it. Until the next time. πŸ˜‰

    1. Haha. I’m inclined to agree. Yesterday I’d have said ‘no’. Today I said, ‘no’. Tonight I’m saying, ‘maybe’.
      Perhaps it’s a bit like childbirth?

  2. If someone offers you something called a ‘gin surprise’ on your next experimental night out, don’t accept….it’s delicious but definitely causes bad hangovers! I would stick to the wine, I think.

  3. I do suffer with hangovers but however much I might go through the “Never again!” phase the morning after (sometimes the whole day after), the hangover leaves me fairly quickly while the happy memories of the good time I had remain far longer.

    Except for those few times I drank so much the night before is a blank, and meeting up with those friends (accomplices?) is approached with some trepidation as I wonder how badly I embarrassed myself. And then we laugh it off and do it all again!

    1. You are right, the good memories do outlast the hangover. Therein lies the problem, as we move on to do it all again.
      I am determined though to enjoy it a little less next week. Mind you it’s still only Monday!

  4. I hear the best, scientifically proven way to eliminate a hangover is a pint of water, pint of milk and a pint of Guinness. In that order. Water to rehydrate, milk to line the throat and replace lost fats, Guinness to ease the pain. Full proof my friends say, though I’ve never tried! Worth considering for this weekend if the man with the drill makes an appearance in your head πŸ™‚

    1. I am ill at the thought of a pint of milk in the middle of my drinks. That would probably finish me off.
      I might actually reject those findings Aidan. πŸ™‚

  5. you are so scientifically minded, best of luck on your research. it’s important to try out an experiment more than once in order to get accurate results.

  6. I found my way here through the guest post you have on Barb’s blog… What a lovely site this is… Such simple things of life highlighted to sound like the moments that make it worth living… Well, honestly I do think that of the simple things so I’m glad I bumped into your site. I’ll be following this for more articles from you. If you’d like to read some of what I write, please do stop by my blog. Cheers

  7. Is it worth it? Hmmmm while I ponder that question hey barkeep a coke and rum for me and my lady here for starters …LOL. Seriously without sounding prude …it is hard to tell your kids about partying and expect them to not to overextend themselves when they see us do it then we say hey we’re adults…looks and sounds hypocritical.

    1. I don’t think you sound prudish. Your observation is spot on. I drink regularly but in over twenty years my children have rarely seen me very giddy. It’s not something I wish to do again, not for another twenty years maybe, however I do think it’s okay to show them you can drink and enjoy drinking without getting drunk.

    1. An emphatic no there! I must say I don’t think a day out of your life recovering is worth it, but I did enjoy the night.
      Mind you I can do that and stop a drink (or two) earlier next time.

    1. Oh yes, I’m not great at knowing when to go home either, but up to last weekend I was good at stopping short of the one that does the damage.
      Maybe I’m getting old, or need more practice. πŸ™‚

  8. The answer is of course ‘yes’. Always! Just choose the right drink!! I never drink wine if it’s likely to be a ‘long’ night out. That’s my solution. Although I’ve yet to be be giggly and to be collected by my son. That’s a few years down the road….. *shudders*

  9. Oh, I love those lapses if they’re full of laughter and friendship. But pacing is a good idea, a little food in the belly, a big glass of water and aspirin before bed. Enjoy! Enjoy! Life doesn’t go on forever πŸ™‚

  10. It has usually been worth it. Just remember to have lots of water and some aspirin before you go to bed. Also, eat as you drink. Even light stuff like peanuts or popcorn. It will help.

  11. For some reason I seem to do it once or twice a year. It’s always fun at the time, but then I get the drunk “guilts” after. Plus it takes me so much longer to recover than it used to! lol

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