Ever had a day like this?

We’ve all had them, those days we would rather forget. So just to make you feel better I’ll share one such a day I had with you.

I work a couple of half days a week in a local shop. On this particular day last week I arrived in as usual, and began to open up. I plugged everything in, turned the lights on, and waited as the computer and receipt printer hummed into action. The till however remained silent. Blank.

“No panic”, I thought, as I checked out the plug, and the different leads, “something is probably loose”. Having wiggled everything in a most professional manner, I deduced that nothing was in fact loose.

Next I went to check out the plug. There were a very large number of plugs attached to a couple of extension leads, but by calmly figuring out which plug was which, (and after five minutes discovering the til was the only grey one!) I unplugged it and checked it elsewhere. This proved that, yes, the plug was indeed working.

So I then accepted the til was broken. Now what?

I rang Mr Boss, who suggested that there may be a number on the til of someone who could help me. Disgusted I had not thought of that myself, I scanned the til and there I saw it, an enormous sticker with the name and number for the til suppliers. Taking advantage of the fact Mr Boss couldn’t see me, I told him I’d keep looking and would surely find the name somewhere, and promptly hung up.

I rang the suppliers and the man on the line sounded very pleasant. He never asked was the plug in nor did I detect any male superior attitude. After a lot of questions I was told that it sounded like the fuse was gone. Unluckily he told me that his team were working in West Cork, over sixty miles away, and were unable to come to fix it until the evening, but he assured me he would send them as soon as possible. Until then he suggested I open the til door, using a release button. and work with a pen and paper.

I thanked him, hung up, and stared at the till. A thought crossed my mind, that this is how it was in the good old days. Then I panicked and hurriedly went in search of a calculator.

Over all it was all a bit awkward, and time consuming, but manageable. I had to hand write all the receipts and I kept forgetting not to close the til drawer, so the til spent a good bit of the day almost upside down as I went looking for the release button. This also resulted in the cash spilling all over the drawer, and I looking like a complete incompetent. Yet all in all it was not too difficult.

Finally at lunchtime two men arrived in. Seemingly they had left West Cork especially to look after my “issue”, which they said, was more urgent than their other job.

“Well, says one of them, we hear you’re having a small bit of bother with your masheen”, (that’s the way he said it in his strong accent). “I am”, and repeating his earlier diagnosis I said,“You said it might be a fuse”.photo credit: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/patries71/2898403042/">patries71</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/">cc</a>

“It might be” he said, by God it might be”, as he walked up to the til. “Or in fact it might be shimply a matter of turning it on”. And with that he pressed a button on the side of the til, which was as large as the nose on my face and which said “On”.

His buddy with him burst out laughing.

I looked at them mortified. “Ah for Gods sake, I said, I never saw that poxy button, no one ever turned the til off before”.

“Never mind girl, my man said, we’ll just send you in a fine big bill”. And off they went laughing heartily,

Blush blush. Five days later I still can’t believe it. What an eejit I am.

Now I just have to think how in the hell I am going to tell Mr Boss what was wrong with the til, without it looking as bad as it clearly was.

photo credit: patries71 via photopin cc


29 thoughts on “Ever had a day like this?

  1. Many years ago a friend’s son was given a nice computer only it wasn’t working so she asked if my husband – an engineer – could come check it out to see if he could find the problem. He went over there and worked tirelessly amid her and her four children to get the computer going. He was ready to give up until the youngest child – about five years of age – picked up the plug and waved it around. 🙂 You know where this is going… ❤ I enjoyed this immensely.

    1. Oh Jackie you made me feel so much better. I usually pride myself on my computer skills, so this was a major embarrassment, and one many will like to ensure I never forget.

  2. This is great! Reminds me of years ago, when I had 2 young daughters and little of my mind, with sleep deprivation, tantrums to deal with, etc. I filled the washing machine, added clothes and detergent, watched it fill with the lid open as usual. But then it wouldn’t start washing! I waited and waited, nothing.

  3. (sorry – WP issues) Finally, exasperated, I called and had the repairman come. He took one look, closed the lid, and it started right up! I felt like such an idiot (or ijeet as you say in Ireland!). Then he charged me for his visit, which made it that much worse. I still remember the whole scene, though it was 20 years ago…

    1. Oh disaster. I am right there with you. And you are not that sort of eejit, but the evidence in this case is weighted against you. I feel your pain.Good to know I am not alone. 🙂
      I see you are getting in on the Irish lingo too.

  4. Having a day like that. We’ve been cooped up all week due to rain, it’s July 4th, (I know, not quite such a big deal over there where you are…) and I’ve been trying to get the kids to the state fair for a WEEK. Instead, I am sitting at home in my little house with two kids and their boundless energy who are using it to bounce upon my one last nerve, and a snoring husband.
    No jury would convict me.

    1. Happy 4th of July. I hope it all worked out okay in the end. Those days, such as your having today, are so frustrating. The expectation is that everyone should be celebrating and you are having a pox time.
      Hope it got better.

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