Watching my daughter fall in love.

We never know when it will happen,
and for many of us we wonder and hope when it does,
that it will be a good experience.
Will she be happy?
Will the love be a two way street?
What about us, will we her parents be forgotten?

In the past few months I have watched,
as my daughter has fallen head over heels in love.
She wakes every morning and has the brightest smile on her credit: <a href="">Brittany Greene</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
Every hour of her day is taken up,
by thinking of the love of her life,
or by them spending time together.

The past few weeks were a difficult time for her,
as she came to terms with death for the first time,
when her young friends six year old brother died.
It was during this time that I was very grateful,
that she had found love.
As I tried to comfort her I realized,
that I was not enough.

I watched from a distance as she curled up on the couch,
sobbing openly.
Her love in all this time never left her side.
It was sad to watch but so good to see her getting the comfort she needed.
Maybe at times I was slightly jealous.
A tiny bond unseen was broken.

Now as the time has passed,
she has returned to the happy go lucky child she usually is.
She and her love are however still rarely apart.
I could never have imagined such a love in one so young.
My daughter is only eleven years old.

However she is totally smitten with our five month old pup!Cici

Seeing them together however does bring to mind,
that some day our children will grow up.
As they do others will influence their lives.
The first step on the road to independence was school,
and for a time their teacher was a very important person.
A person with different ways and ideas to their parents.

As I have older children I have also encountered the teenage years.
The days when my children no longer were comfortable around me in public,
and when their main influence was their friends.

Now my eldest two are at college and I wait.
I wait for the day that another link in our chain is broken.
The day love comes calling,
and our role as parents changes once more.

Watching my young daughter has reminded me,
what it is like to fall in love.
I do not wish for it not to happen for my children,
but I do understand that when it does,
life for me as a mother and parent will change forever.

photo credit: Brittany Greene via photopin cc

20 thoughts on “Watching my daughter fall in love.

  1. Pets are wonderful to have in times of grief. Your post reminded me of those butterfly feelings of first falling in love with someone. Falling in love is such an exhilarating experience.

    1. Yes I must admit watching her and our pup has reminded me of those “first love” feelings. Its been lovely to watch, without a boy in sight!

    1. Thanks Deo. It is the falling out of love or worse, the other person falling out of love that would make me dread such a time, but love itself is wonderful.

  2. What a beautiful text. It’s so hard for our childen to accept death so young, and maybe the favourite furball was ideal to cuddle till she started getting her head around it. Even we adults can’t deal with the injustice of childen dying, so our kids must ne devastated… 😦 Get prepared for when they really fall in love; Bigfoot’s girlfriend is not a rival, because our relationships with him are different. Hearing your child tell you that you will always be his mum as he wraps you in his arms makes even the strongest mum melt. (Not telling, but this was on Friday night.. still feeling weepy).

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