“Thank You” and “Fe*k You!”

We all have many people who share our lives every day.
Our parents, grandparents, partners, familiy and friends.
Their support and love gets us through the good and the bad.small__4134661728

However this post is not about these people.

This post is about the people you have met, who have had a profound effect on your life, and do not know it.
Some of them you would love to contact to say “Thank You, so very much”.
Some of them you would love to contact to say “Feck You!”.

My “Feck You” list
I was a very nervous swimmer when I was young.
At the age of 4 I enrolled in lessons.
We had a teacher I will not name.
During the lesson he would walk us babies, down to the deep end.
There he would throw us in!
I use the word “throw” in the correct context.
I used to stand there crying “Please Mr X, don’t throw me in!”
I became terrified of water.

My “Thank You list”
At the age of 7, I joined my friend at a swimming club.
I was very nervous.
There I met Louise Kennedy.
She encouraged me gently, and slowly I grew in confidence.
She taught me to love swimming.
I went on to swim internationally and continue to work in swimming to this day.

My “Feck You” list.
My English teacher in school didn’t really get me.
He criticised me and suggested I was not up to the course.
He wrote on my report public enemy No.1.small_4556175355

Despite him I have continued to love reading and Poetry.
I also did very well in my exams!

My “Thank You” list
My Irish teacher. Mr O Floinn.
This was a man who had a huge influence on my life.
I never really excelled in the language but he taught me to love it.
He was so passionate about it.
As a result of his influence on me,
I gave my children Irish names.
They each love the Irish language.

My “Feck You” list continues.
One day I was shopping.
I had 4 children in the trolley.
I know it was overloaded!
The two in front were 18 mths.
The two in the back were 4 yrs.
I also had another 4 yr old beside me, and three more 7 yr olds around me.
That is a total of 8 children under 8!

I only wanted to buy three items.
I went to pay and the lady at the checkout said, “Sorry baskets only!”.
I couldn’t believe my ears.
“I only have three items!” I say.
“You have a trolley”, she says.
And so it continued until I contact a manager who said it was company policy!

I have never shopped there since.

My “Thank You” list.
My final listed thank you, although I do have more, is to the fabulous Marion Wallace.
She was my nurse tutor.
I had always wanted to be a nurse and was delighted to be accepted into training.
Just one minor drawback,

I couldn’t stop fainting!

We were on the wards, once a week every week, for nine weeks.
I spent the majority of it on the floor, or sitting with my head down!
I was known throughout the hospital.
If i was in the queue for lunch, people I did not know would shout,
“you better hurry up or that one will faint!”

I was exasperated and demoralised.

Marion Wallace stuck by me.
She helped me so much to break the habit.
I qualified and loved my nursing life.

To some of the above I say, “Thank You”.
To the others, I say “Feck You!”

photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/27282406@N03/4134661728/”>muffintinmom</a&gt; via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/”>cc</a&gt;
photo credit: SQFreak via photopin cc


2 thoughts on ““Thank You” and “Fe*k You!”

  1. The swimming teacher at my primary school believed in the ‘sink or swim’ approach to learning. She had us all kneel at the edge of the pool and instructed us to ‘roll forward’ and fall in to the water. She paraded up the line behind us and ‘encouraged’ any who showed signs of reluctance to ‘roll forward’ with a helpful foot between the shoulder blades – bitch !!!

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